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Exciting Trends from EMO

Posted by Dror Pockard on Oct 22, 2015 3:56:00 PM


Upon returning from EMO MILANO 2015, one of the most important global exhibitions for the metalworking industry, it is clear that many manufacturers are gearing up to enter a new era –from both a technology and efficiency perspective.

As always, the EMO was well attended with a large mix of machine and tool vendors as well as end users looking to upgrade their manufacturing facilities.

3D Printing and Hybrid Machines Hit the Scene

dror_pockard_ceo_colibrispindlesOne of the most interesting innovations featured at the show was all the new additive processes made possible with 3D printers and hybrid machines.  Now companies can “print” plastic, metal and ceramic additions onto metal parts machined elsewhere.  This provides manufacturers with the ability to fully customize their output from a material, design, color, shape and quantity perspective.  Not only are these 3-D printing techniques more reliable as they draw straight from the CAD/CAM designs, but they are also more cost-efficient as there is no material waste in the process.  Using 3D printers for industrial applications provides a whole new level of flexibility in the manufacturing process. 

Hybrid machines take the idea a step further, providing an all-in-one solution for doing both cutting and additive applications in a single process.  This is particularly interesting for companies manufacturing pieces that have spaces inside them (holes or slots). Previously, machinists had to manufacture two separate sections in order to join them together to create the final piece. Now, they can perform all the work using a single machine.  Additionally, these new solutions allow companies the possibility of combining multiple metals into a single piece without switching machines. 

Clearly, these solutions allow companies to take their businesses in many directions without the need for retooling operations. 

Next-gen Coolant-driven High Speed Spindles Receive High Marks

At EMO, our innovative approach to high-speed machine spindles was well received by all who saw them in action, especially by those manufacturers currently using outdated methods for increasing machine efficiency.

Unlike air, electrical or mechanical solutions that require an external motor or power source, the HSM spindles use the power of the machine's own coolant system to achieve speeds up to 60,000 RPMs.  In essence, it's a zero energy solution for increasing CNC machining times. While being green was seen as a significant advantage, most people were impressed with the fact that it’s compact enough to fit into the existing ATC and tool magazines. The idea of a plug-and-play high-speed machine spindle had widespread appeal for those companies looking to improve processes, reduce set-up time and ensure quality by keeping operators from having to interfere in the process.   

The HSM spindle was proudly displayed by our key distributors: Iscar, Tungaloy, Ingersoll Cutting Tools, TaeguTec, EWS Tool Technologies and Celoria, who gave live machining demonstrations within their own EMO exhibition stands.


In the end, I was quite impressed with many of the innovations shown at EMO and especially manufacturer’s willingness to implement them, as they strive to become more efficient and adapt to changing market needs. It was great to be a part of it and I look forward to the next exhibition two years’ time in Germany.

What did you find most fascinating at this year’s EMO?  Share your thoughts in the space below. 


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