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HPC Puts A Tiger In Your CNC Machine

Posted by Marie Orian on Dec 3, 2017 2:23:39 PM


High-pressure, high velocity coolant gives you the power needed to effectively remove heat generated by the cutting process before it can accumulate and increase temperatures to the point where tooling and work piece surfaces are damaged.

With traditional flood cooling, coolant is delivered at low pressure, but the high performance levels of machine tools generate so much heat that the coolant is heated beyond boiling point and creates a blanket of vapor that insulates the cutting zone from the coolant; drastically reducing the coolant’s ability to remove heat. On the other hand, high-pressure coolant can effectively eliminate the vapor barrier so any heat generated can be removed at a high rate.

High pressure coolant can also penetrate to the tool’s cutting edge to provide a short shear zone that leads to the creation of thin chips that readily break into small pieces over the base material. Low-pressure or flood coolant results in a long shear zone that produces a thick chip in many materials that does not readily break. This results in long, stringy chips that can damage the machine, the work piece and cause line stoppages for manual chip removal.

High pressure coolant on the other hand, significantly helps control chips; critical to smooth CNC operations.  The high velocity coolant force allows for shorter, broken chip formations that easily fall away from the tool and work piece, or that are simply flushed away by the coolant pressure; preventing an array of nasty chip problems.

In standard CNC machines, external coolant hoses are being replaced by more focused delivery systems such as through-spindle and through tool coolant.  Colibri has recently launched the only coolant-driven high pressure, high-speed spindle speed increaser specifically designed to work on CNC machines with high pressure coolant pumps: The patented HPC HSM Jet Spindle.

The HPC Jet Spindle allows you to take advantage of machines with high pressure capability for better machining results and longer tool life on both new machines with high pressure coolant systems and older machines that have been upgraded with a high pressure coolant pump. 

HPC is applicable for a broad range of turning, milling and drilling operations on an equally broad range of materials and machines, including challenging materials such as titanium and stainless steels. Selecting the right tools and pump (pressure and flow) for each application, correctly applied, will ultimately improve your bottom line, by providing quicker ROI through increased machine utilization and optimized metal cutting efficiency.

Find out more about the exclusive HPC HSM Jet Spindle.


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