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Maximizing CNC Machine Efficiency

Posted by Dror Pockard on Jun 29, 2015 4:52:23 PM

For many companies, increasing CNC machine efficiency holds the key to more cost effective growth.  But before you invest precious capital in a high speed machine, first make sure you have gained all you can from existing assets.  For many companies, adding a high speed spindle to boost standard capabilities offers the most cost efficient path to increasing CNC machine efficiency.  To maximize benefits, seek out a solution that doesn’t completely disrupt existing processes and add extraneous expenses. 

Prepare Operations for High Speed Machining

Plugging in a high speed spindle provides a proven fast track to higher CNC machine efficiency.  Clearly, boosting spindle speed from the standard 10,000 - 15,000 RMP range to a top speed of 60,000 RPMs will increase the productivity of all small diameter cutting tools. However, each application has its own limits.  Run tests or use CAD/CAM software to determine the optimal speed for your specific jobs, be they milling, grinding or drilling.

To further leverage higher CNC machine efficiency, take the opportunity to examine your set-up processes.  Any change that minimizes machine and spindle downtime will translate to higher productivity over time. 

Choose a Low Impact Solution

Increasing RPMs alone will not necessarily increase your machine output.  In fact, certain speed increasers can actually create additional constraints and limitations.  Unlike the Colibri HSM spindle, certain solutions require special installations, wirings or connections to remove or install the equipment.  This means that operators must intervene in the process when they need to machine at higher speeds.  This also introduced additional transfers and clamping of parts when the spindle is moved in from one specific machine to the other.

To maximize output in jobs that require both high speed machining with small tools and standard machining with standard tools, you need a solution can that seamless integrate with both the setup and CNC machine processes.

Maximizing CNC Machine Efficiency

Photo Credit: Dave Dugdale

Seamless Solutions Boost Machine Efficiency

At Colibri, we designed our high speed spindles to fit within existing machinery and processes.  It utilizes the force of the CNC machine’s own coolant flow to power the increased revolution rate – therefore it doesn’t draw additional current from the machine.  And, it directs the coolant flow to exact place of work, which dissipates heat more efficiently and reduces wear and tear on the tool as well. 

Our high speed machine spindles are compact enough to fit within standard ATC and tool magazines for seamless integration into existing workflows. This way, the machine work done faster and the operation as a whole becomes more efficient. 

High speed spindles are a proven method for increasing CNC machine efficiency, boosting throughput and raising profits.   In real-world applications, Colibri customers have saved 70% machine time by running at high speed (20,000-60,000 RPMs.  When choosing a solution, look for one that seamlessly integrates with existing equipment to minimize disruption and speed ROI.

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