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One-Minute Video Series: Optimizing Profile Milling Operations

Posted by Dror Pockard on Nov 23, 2015 9:34:37 AM

As we’ve seen in previous posts in this series, high speed machine (HSM) spindles offer a  far quicker, more efficient and highly cost-effective method of CNC machining. Here, we’ll take a look at profile milling operations to see how HSM spindle performance compares with a standard machine spindle.

Breaking down the numbers

In semi-finishing and finishing processes, profile milling is far more intensive than slot milling because it covers multi-axis milling of both convex and concave shapes in three dimensions. Despite the more intricate process, the profile milling contest returned similar results as the slot milling showcase.


The standard machine spindle rotated at 8,000 RPMs and cut at a rate of 900 mm/min. This resulted in a final machining time of 26 minutes and 36 seconds—which just isn’t fast enough for today’s demands. The HSM spindle runs the same operation at 32,000 RPMs and cuts at a rate of 3,800 mm/min. With a time of 7 minutes and 11 seconds, the HSM shows nearly four times the performance level as standard profile milling. To keep up with modern demands and increase revenue streams, CNC machines can get a huge throughput boost from an HSM spindle solution.

What makes the HSM spindle stand apart?

As shown, the HSM spindle plugs directly into the CNC machine and uses the coolant system to power higher speeds without impacting machine performance. With the increased RPMs, the HSM spindle is able to achieve far greater performance, cutting costs and increasing revenue potential for manufacturers.

 Machine-cutting companies are always seeking new ways to increase efficiency and CNC machine throughput, so it’s not surprising that many are considering the switch to HSM spindle technology.

In the next One-Minute Video Series post, we’ll look at the performance of an HSM spindle for drilling operations and see how it compares to standard machining.

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