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Product News: Angle Head HSM Jet Spindle

Posted by Marie Orian on Jan 15, 2017 12:18:44 PM

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How can you minimizing tool clamping, reduce the machining time, simplify machining processes, machine in hard to reach areas and cut costs while doing it? Try combining the advantages of high speed machining coupled with an Angle Head configuration for greater flexibility; increased accessibility in confined spaces, and expanded capabilities for three-axis machines.

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Colibri's coolant-driven high speed spindle attachment is available in a compact Angle Head configuration: Both a fixed 90 degree angle model and an adjustable +/- 90 degree orientation model; featuring high rigidity and low runout.

SAVE TIME BIG-TIME: Higher RPMs means big savings in machining time. With Colibri's exclusive coolant driven spindle technology, you're utilizing cutting fluid already available in the machine; eliminating both the cost and installation hassles associated with fitting external power feeds – air supply or electricity. Using a high speed Angle Head configuration also helps reduce production time by enabling horizontal and angular milling and drilling without the need to reposition the workpiece for additional operations.

SPEED MONITORING: Like all HSM Jet Spindles, the Angle Head models come with a wireless onboard RPM transmitter that sends vital real-time information about spindle rotation to a display monitor located outside of the CNC machine for easy observation.  

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