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The Advantages of Through-Spindle Coolant

Posted by Dror Pockard on Jan 6, 2016 10:15:45 AM

High speed steel (HSS) tools and flood coolant have traditionally combined for reliable and cost-effective machining processes. However, when a machining giant like Haas Automation, Inc., starts to transition from HSS and flood coolant to carbide tools and through-spindle coolant, the manufacturing world takes notice. In a recent video, two representatives from Haas Automation demonstrated the advantages of through-spindle coolant over flood coolant.

 Watch the video and see how your machining operation could benefit from through-spindle coolant

Key Takeaways from the Haas Automation Video Demonstration

Coolant is necessary in all machining processes, but you may not realize how much of a difference the delivery method can make. These are the key advantages that Haas discovered when comparing traditional HSS and flood coolant machining to carbide and through-spindle coolant machining:

  • Faster Cutting: HSS and flood coolant require a peck drilling technique where the tool must continuously retract to allow chips to break and coolant to filter through the hole. Through-spindle coolant enables a “one-shot” cutting technique, clearing chips away with ease and speeding up the cutting process dramatically. 
  • Better Hole Quality: Holes made with HSS and flood coolant show noticeable tool marks, leaving a sub-par finish. In addition, the combination causes a bell-mouth effect, which can cause quality problems down the production line. The through-coolant spindle process supports much higher cutting speeds, meaning a higher quality carbide tool can be used for better overall hole quality.
  • Greater Throughput: In the video, the drilling test took the HSS and flood coolant setup about 50 seconds to complete, whereas the through-spindle coolant carbide tool finished in just under 20 seconds. Through-spindle coolant allows you to cut more holes in the same amount of time, improving throughput and enabling busy machine shops to meet high demands.

The Colibri Spindles Difference

Colibri’s unique coolant-driven Jet Spindle is specially engineered for precision high-speed machining using small diameter tools. Now machine shops can rely on a fast, cost-saving and tool-saving option that seamlessly converts existing CNC machines into high-speed machining solutions using advanced through-spindle coolant technology. 

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