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The Coolant Driven Spindle Technology Revolution in High Speed Machining

Posted by Alexander Grouzer on Nov 5, 2015 12:25:00 PM

The days of old-school machine-driven spindles for high-speed applications are coming to an end. As throughput demands increase, bulky machine-driven spindle solutions simply can’t keep up. Because mechanical heads are large, require the installation of a stop block and can’t be indexed where multi-position machining is required, CNC machine builders are looking for more efficient ways to speed up their finishing and semi-finishing processes.


Coolant-driven spindle technology has emerged as a throughput game-changer in the field of high-speed machining.  

What Do You Stand to Gain from a Coolant-Driven Spindle?

Coolant-driven spindle technology provides an advanced time-saving, task-saving and energy-saving solution that makes perfect sense for companies running a highly efficient and cost-effective high speed metal machining operation.  When replacing clunky mechanical heads, coolant-driven spindles offer a number of advantages including:

  • Compact design for compatibility with ATCs
  • Indexing functionality for multi-position machining
  • Speeds far greater than mechanical options
  • Rigid to replace bearing-mounted mechanical heads
  • Continuous high-speed operation goes beyond limited mechanical solutions

Who Can Benefit from Coolant-Driven Spindle Technology?

Many big-name CNC machine manufacturers around the world are already incorporating coolant-driven spindles into their assemblies. But it’s not just manufacturers who have discovered coolant-driven technology. Each year more and more metal parts manufacturers, both large and small, are expanding capacity by upgrading existing machines with coolant-driven high-speed spindles.

Coolant-driven spindles are not designed to replace original CNC machine spindles. Instead, they are an upgrade for existing CNC machines. With improved performance, faster machining, better surface quality and extended tool life, this option is a cost-effective solution for both CNC machine manufacturers and the operators that use them.   

Joining the Cool Revolution—The High-Speed Machining Future is Now

Colibri’s SPINJET spindles were developed for use when high RPMs are required for small diameter tools on standard CNC machines that have relatively low RPM limits. The coolant-driven technology can be applied to semi-finishing and finishing machining applications such as milling, drilling, thread milling, engraving, chamfering/deburring and fine radial grinding.

The SPINJET system uses the machine tool’s existing coolant supply as a pressurized energy source (20 bars to 40 bars) to rotate a turbine in the range of 40,000 RPMs to 60,000 RPMs. By enabling users to speed up their machining processes without sacrificing quality or replacing existing machines, the Colibri SPINJET is revolutionizing the high-speed machining scene.

We see coolant-driven high-speed spindle technology as the future of machining—and the future is now. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about this evolution in machine-driven spindles.

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