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The Manufacturing Mix: Top Innovative News Stories from the Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Dror Pockard on Dec 24, 2015 10:54:22 AM

manufacturing_newsAs new technology emerges, many companies are rethinking manufacturing practices that have been established for decades. Staying on top of the latest news and tech trends can help you maintain a competitive edge in your market. This edition of The Manufacturing Mix highlights some of the biggest news in November 2015 to help you get out ahead of new technology trends.

Virtual Reality: The Supply Chain’s Next Stage of Evolution

Virtual reality technology has been in the news for consumer gadgets, but did you realize it can impact your manufacturing supply chain? Virtual reality can enable you to design and architect in 3-D, evaluate designs and make better decisions regarding new products and critical processes.

In this article, Terence T. Burton (President and CEO of The Center for Excellence in Operations) and Paula Martin (CEO of Teowin USA) explain how virtual reality is revolutionizing supply chains and how migrating to a digital virtual reality can benefit your organization.

So What Exactly is Smart Manufacturing?

Everywhere you turn a new piece of technology is getting the “smart” treatment. Smart phones, smart watches, smart appliances and more are all integral parts of our daily lives. And now manufacturing is getting smart, too.

In this post, Tab Wilkins recaps his experience at the California Network for Manufacturing Innovation (CNMI) Smart Manufacturing Conference. Discover what smart manufacturing really means and how it will affect your operations.

Technologies That Could Transform How Industries Use Energy

You don’t need statistics to tell you that energy consumption is one of your biggest costs. The manufacturing industry accounts for about half of global energy consumption and energy costs can be tough to gauge. If you want to improve your bottom line in the long-run, look no further than cutting back on energy costs—but how?

This post explains energy consumption and efficiency research from McKinsey & Company. Read it and learn how to make your energy costs more predictable and affordable as prices continue to fluctuate.

Cook Predicts Next Generation Won’t Know Physical Money

Not all tech news is strictly about the manufacturing industry. And when Apple speaks the world seems to listen. Tim Cook recently discussed the current and future states of privacy and physical money in the wake of the Apple Pay release. Virtual payments won’t stop at smartphone solutions, either. How do you think evolving payment standards will affect your manufacturing business?

Read Tim Cook’s comments on virtual payments and learn where he believes the payment industry is heading—and what it might say about culture as a whole.

Have you read anything noteworthy recently? Maybe it is directly associated with the manufacturing industry and maybe it’s not. Leave us a comment below and tell us about the interesting news you’ve come across this month.

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