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HPC Puts A Tiger In Your CNC Machine

Posted by Marie Orian on Dec 3, 2017 2:23:39 PM

High-pressure, high velocity coolant gives you the power needed to effectively remove heat generated by the cutting process before it can accumulate and increase temperatures to the point where tooling and work piece surfaces are damaged.

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Machining Titanium: Is There A Way To Beat The Heat?

Posted by Marie Orian on Aug 23, 2016 2:30:00 PM

Titanium – it's an almost supernatural substance, with an amazing strength to weight ratio, the ability to resist fatigue and stress fractures in radically divergent temperatures, superior corrosion resistance properties, and wonderfully human-friendly biocompatibility. Parts made from Titanium and Titanium alloys are invaluable for use in ultra-harsh environments; from the ocean depths to outer space and even inside the human body.

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Friendly Reminder: Your Coolant Is More Important Than You May Think

Posted by Dror Pockard on Dec 21, 2015 1:23:34 PM

Coolant (or cutting fluid) has become somewhat of an unsung hero in the machining process. About 20 years ago, coolant only accounted for 3% of the cost of production. Today, manufacturers are taking it for granted even though costs now account for more than 15% of production (Astakhov 4). When there’s a machining issue, you might turn to tool degradation or other machine-related issues before finding fault with the coolant. This is a friendly reminder — maybe it’s time to reexamine the importance of coolant.

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Topics: High Speed CNC Machines, Coolant Fluid

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