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[VIDEO] Here's What You Need to Know Before Moving to High Speed Machining

Posted by Dror Pockard on Nov 1, 2015 5:21:00 PM

high_speed_machiningAs manufacturing plants look to increase output, one of the biggest decisions they’ll face is when and how to upgrade to high speed machining.  After all, it’s a significant investment and needs to be implemented without sacrificing precision or disrupting existing machine processes. 

For those of you in the middle of this strategic decision-making process, we aim to help by clarifying the high speed machining options available to you. Here we’ve outlined the basic steps you’ll need towards becoming a more efficient and profitable operation; equipped to handle your increased customer demand. 

Thinking Outside the Box: High Speed Machining Solution You May Not Have Expected

If your business is expanding quickly and your standard CNC machines can’t keep up, most people think there are only two ways to increase production capabilities:  purchase more standard CNC machines or buy an entire high speed machining (HSM) solution.

These are the two costly solutions. Adding another standard machine may solve the problem in the short run but this option won’t help you machine at optimal speeds.  Because high speed machines are designed for specific jobs, they are often left idle for a good portion of the time. 

What many fail to realize is that there is a third more cost-effective and efficient option—high speed machine spindles.  When a coolant-driven HSM spindle is fitted to a standard machine, it can run small diameter cutting tools at up to 50,000 RPMs with performance levels at 4 times the output without sacrificing accuracy.

When you decide to implement HSM jet spindles, you can optimize all of your standard CNC machines without breaking your budget. As the video shows, these HSM spindle attachments provide a number of benefits including:

  • Continued use of your automatic tool changer (ATC) magazines
  • Increased tool life due to optimal machining conditions, which dramatically cuts costs
  • Increased functionality for milling, thread milling, drilling, jig grinding, chamfering and engraving

 Take a look at the Colibri video and see if you can identify with John’s dilemma. He’s considering two costly solutions until his friend Dan suggests a more cost-effective and efficient option—HSM coolant-driven jet spindles. .

To remain competitive in a market that demands faster outputs and greater accuracy, eventually you’ll have no choice but to upgrade to faster machine speeds.  As shown in this video – it’s time to take Dan’s advice and choose the best option—outfitting a fleet of standard CNC machines with cost-effective HSM jet spindles.

Have you been grappling with the same challenge John faced when presented with a large order? Machine technology is advancing to help companies grow their business in the most cost-effective ways possible.  Are you taking advantage of this technology advancement? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re doing to meet modern output demands.

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