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White Paper - The Pros and Cons of Spindle Speed Increasers

Posted by Dror Pockard on Nov 12, 2015 11:07:00 AM

Are you looking to increase efficiency and throughput to handle large customer orders with ease?  As manufacturers consider the move to high speed machining, most have come to realize that the most cost-efficient solution is to purchase a high speed machine spindle for existing equipment.  But how do you know if a coolant-driven, electric, air-driven or mechanical speed increaser is best? Colibri’s new white paper, The Pros and Cons of Spindle Speed Increasers can help you decide. 


Key Takeaways from The Pros and Cons of Spindle Speed Increasers

Traditional machining is predictable. Your standard CNC machines can run at around 10,000 RPMs, but high speed CNC machines are an expensive investment if you want an upgrade. In The Pros and Cons of Spindle Speed Increasers, you’ll learn the ins and outs of four key speed increaser options. When choosing between coolant-driven, electric, air-driven and mechanical options, these are some of the questions you’ll need to consider during the decision-making process:

  • Does the speed increaser work with the applications you frequently use?
  • Are the potential speeds fast enough to meet specifications and extend tool life?
  • How must the existing CNC machines change (if at all)?
  • Does the speed increaser fit seamlessly with ATCs?
  • What is the power source and how will it impact operating costs?
  • How can torque be regulated? 

Choosing the right spindle speed increaser for your specific environment is the first step to satisfying your need for speed – a step that ensures higher output and faster turnaround times. 

Download Colibri’s new The Pros and Cons of Spindle Speed Increasers white paper to discover everything you need to know about coolant-driven, air-driven, electric and mechanical spindle speed increasers. Find out how you can meet the demands of those big purchase orders without disrupting the tried-and-true network of CNC machines you’ve come to rely on.

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