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What’s Innovative in the World of High Speed Machining?

Posted by Dror Pockard on Jul 22, 2015 1:12:17 PM

Imagine if you could use the power of your existing CNC machine’s own coolant system to reach higher RPMs without doing anything other than attaching it. It sounds innovative doesn't it? But that's exactly how we revolutionized high speed machine (HSM) spindles.  

When designing the Colibri HSM spindle, our goal was to create a true plug-and-play solution that would allow companies to take their standard CNC machines and transform them for high-speed, high-efficiency performance. When our spindle is attached, it harnesses the force of the coolant flow to power speeds up to 60,000 RPMs

The advantages of this innovation are more than just faster (high speed machining). First and foremost, the plug-and-play design means that no additional machine modification work is needed from a power or coolant perspective. From the start, this means lower implementation costs.  It’s a green solution that allows companies to increase machine efficiency without drawing additional power – even at rest. 

There are also tool and machine related benefits. Because the tools will now be operated at their manufacturer’s recommended speed and continuously bathed in water during process, their lifespan increases when compared to their use in standard machine processes.  When our HSM spindles are used in place of the original CNC spindles, machine wear and tear decreases proportionally as the original machine spindle is totally idle.

One of the biggest advantages the Colibri HSM spindles has over traditional speed increasers is their ability to integrate seamlessly with existing setup and operational processes.  They fit within tool magazines and automatic tool changers to limit the need for operator interference to handle additional transfers or clamping of parts with the spindle is moved from one process to another.

Gaining higher machine speeds and improved productivity doesn’t have to be disruptive.  At Colibri, we understand the needs of CNC machiners.  Our innovation was born from a widespread need for a better path to higher efficiency.  Machine operators require an elegant solution – one that doesn’t compromise existing processes or machine life for increased RPMs.  After all, any high speed spindle that cannot adapt to your processes – and requires you to adjust to theirs – isn’t really a solution at all.  Our innovation was designed to help increase throughput, not complexity. 

Sound like a good idea?  Let us know what you think.


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