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Posted by Marie Orian on Oct 31, 2016 2:00:00 PM


What if you're not an early adopter by nature; the kind of person who automatically says "if it's new, I'll take two"? What if you're more like "I'll wait a few years to see where this is going"?  There's nothing wrong with playing it safe and sticking with the status quo. However when a reluctance to go where few have gone before stands in the way of achieving more, competing better and growing your business, then it's time for a rethink.

From Panic Zone to Comfort Zone

Making changes to your production processes or to your product line can be daunting. Try to think of 'innovation' as a new worker on the payroll. Manufacturers and factory owners don't go it alone. They hire a team, with the know-how to help them get the job done. An innovation can be thought of as a fresh new expert added to the team.

Why Workers Are Afraid To Innovate

An innovative mindset isn't always built-in to the company culture and workers may face real fears about bringing new concepts to the table:

  • Fear of having to publically present a new idea
  • Fear of negative reactions from coworkers or customers
  • Fear of conflict with their boss or higher-ups

Innovation within a company is only possible if managers give employees the encouragement and scope to develop their creative capabilities and value their input. Work environments that are based solely on command and control will never be able to foster true innovation.

Innovation – Not Only For Daredevils

Embracing innovation doesn't mean throwing caution to the wind or shooting for the moon. But it does require doing quite a bit of homework to discover where potential innovation can help you diverge from what you're doing now. Are you still reluctant? Remember that experimentation and failure are essential components of every successful, forward-moving business.

What are your reasons for putting innovation on hold?

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